Preconditioning Exercises for Golfer Elbow

Preconditioning Exercises for Golfer Elbow

How Can Golfers Mitigate the Risk of Golfer Elbow? At OrthoAspen, We Have the Answers

When patients think of sports prone to orthopedic injury, golf isn’t typically one of the first that comes to mind. Golfer elbow injuries, however, are ubiquitous among golfers and athletes of sports that involve intensive, repetitive forearm use.

Fortunately, a preventative regimen of golfer elbow exercises can effectively mitigate the risk of golfer’s elbow.

Spotlight on Golfer’s Elbow

Officially known as medial epicondylitis, golfer elbow refers to inflammation of the tendons that attach the inside of the elbow bones to the muscles of the forearms. Rather than being caused by a traumatic injury, golfer elbow typically is brought on by repetitive overuse of the affected muscles and tendon. Common symptoms include pain and tenderness along the inside of the elbow

Many of these injuries are serious in nature, which is why effective golfer elbow prevention is so critical.

Golfer Elbow Exercises for Injury Prevention

Preconditioning exercises are one of the most effective means of preventing golfer elbow. Likewise, if the early symptoms of an injury begin to emerge, golfer elbow exercises can often reverse the onset of musculoskeletal damage and may be independently sufficient for treating the injury.

The sports medicine experts at OrthoAspen recommend the following golfer elbow exercises for preconditioning, preventative health, and treatment.

  1. exercises golfer elbowTennis Ball Squeezes
    One of the most simple and effective preconditioning exercises is squeezing a tennis ball at intervals of five minutes at a time. This will strengthen your forearm muscles and increase their durability.
  2. Resistance Band Routines
    Rest your forearm on a flat surface with your palm face up. Extend the fingers of one arm downward while using a resistance band to create resistance; then flex the wrist. These exercises can be performed in sets of 10-15.
  3. Wrist Curls
    Wrist curls can be performed using a lightweight dumbbell. In this exercise, the weight should be lowered to the tips of the fingers, then curled back into the palm; then, the wrists should be curled to raise the weight a few additional inches. Perform these exercises in sets of 10 per arm.
  4. Reverse Wrist Curls
    After performing standard wrist curls, switch to reverse wrist curls. With your hands outstretched (palm down) lift a lightweight dumbbell up and down with your wrists. To reduce the motion of the forearm, use your opposite hand to steady the arm that you are exercising above the elbow. These exercises should likewise be performed in sets of 10 per arm.

Preventative Care at OrthoAspen

At OrthoAspen, each of our physicians enjoys physical activity and the benefit of our Colorado mountain lifestyle. We have a personal understanding of the orthopedic conditions and injuries that athletes tend to experience.

In some instances, our physicians may have even experienced these injuries themselves.

Personal familiarity with the painful, frustrating nature of sports injuries (and the sports season interruptions they cause) is at the root of our emphasis on preventative medicine at OrthoAspen. Effective preventative measures, such as golfer elbow exercises, can help you to proactively avoid orthopedic injuries.

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