Knee Replacement Surgery Recovery Time

Knee Replacement Surgery Recovery Time

Knee replacement surgery can help to restore your active lifestyle.

Patients with chronic knee conditions or unresolved damage from traumatic knee injuries are inhibited from enjoying a Colorado mountain lifestyle. If you’re considering knee replacement surgery to restore your knee function and your ability to participate in the athletic activities you live for, the question of knee replacement surgery recovery time is likely at the forefront of your concerns.

We Answer Your Questions About Knee Replacement Surgery and Recovery

Knee-Replacement-Surgery-Recovery-TimeAt OrthoAspen, all of our physicians lead active lifestyles. That’s why we understand the priorities of active patients; the idea of a summer season without mountain biking, hiking, tennis, swimming, and more is just as impacting for us as it no doubt is to you.

Opportunities for an active, adventurous lifestyle are why people choose to live in the Aspen area. OrthoAspen is personally committed to restoring your active lifestyle with the use of advanced, effective orthopedic treatment methods, including knee replacement procedures. If you’re considering pursuing partial knee replacement surgery or total knee replacement surgery, we can answer the top questions you have on your mind.

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Will knee replacement surgery restore my ability to participate in athletic activities?

Yes. Knee replacements feature one of the highest rates of patient satisfaction of any surgical operation precisely because they dramatically reduce knee joint pain and immobility and enable a return to activity. While you may be advised to moderate your participation in high-impact athletics, regular exercise will in fact be essential for building musculoskeletal strength within your knee joint and maintaining the health and function of your prosthetic knee.

What are the benefits of choosing OrthoAspen for knee replacement?

OrthoAspen features the attentive, comprehensive care of a small clinic and the advanced resources of a leading-edge medical facility.

Our physicians emphasize integrative, comprehensive care for our knee patients, including the robust role of physical therapy in knee replacement surgery recovery. At the same time, our advanced surgical methods, including Mako robotic-arm assisted technology, ensure the most effective operations available. Mako technology maximizes surgical precision, which significantly reduces collateral surgical damage to your knee joint. This, in turn, reduces the length of your recovery process.

Are there any knee replacement surgery risks?

Serious complications of knee replacement are extremely rare; however, blood clots, infections, and pneumonia occasionally affect patients. The precision of Mako surgical technology greatly reduces these risks, while our patient-centric attention to detail (something that is so often lacking at major hospitals in cosmopolitan areas) means that any potential issues are identified and treated faster.

Talk to your physician about any concerns you have about complications and what your individual risks might be.

What is the knee replacement surgery recovery time?

As an orthopedic practice in the heart of the Aspen community, outdoor activity is a top priority for our patients. Many patients ask: if I undergo surgery, how long will I miss out on activity?

The answer, of course, will vary from case to case depending upon the degree to which the knee joint is degraded and the overall health of the patient. However, most patients can return to normal routine activity within three to six weeks of surgery. Following this period, athletic activity can be gradually reintroduced. That means that patients who pursue knee replacement treatment at the start of the summer will likely be able to return to moderate activity levels before the summer season’s close—and be ready for the upcoming winter season!

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