The Role of Mako Technology in Surgical Operations

The Role of Mako Technology in Surgical Operations

OrthoAspen Uses Mako Technology for Maximum Surgical Precision

OrthoAspen is transforming orthopedic care within the Aspen, Colorado area. By offering elite-grade treatment options in the local region, we have established a community-centric, comprehensive alternative to the standard orthopedic care offered in major cosmopolitan areas.

The physicians at OrthoAspen are accomplished athletes and members of the Aspen community. The active mountain culture of the region is at the heart of our care. We are committed to providing orthopedic patients with the diverse, effective treatments they need in order to experience relief from chronic symptoms and restore their active lifestyles. One key element of our care is the usage of both conservative physical therapies and advanced treatment technology, including Mako.

Mako technology maximizes surgical precision. At each stage of the surgical process, Mako systems enhance effectiveness and accuracy through the use of advanced robotics and modeling imagery. This technology is used for procedures such as hip joint replacement and partial knee resurfacing.

Learn more below about the role of Mako machines in each of the three major stages of OrthoAspen’s surgical process.

Mako Machines and Pre-Surgical Planning

Mako-MachineFor patients who are preparing for serious orthopedic surgery, the use of Mako technology ensures that the surgical procedure will be specifically designed to address their particular orthopedic needs and anatomical conditions.

No two patients are alike; we develop customized surgical plans to meet the needs of each individual patient. Mako machines make this possible by creating 3D virtual anatomical models to direct the surgical process. A patient’s affected orthopedic regions are assessed with a CT scan; this scan is then used to create virtual modeling of your unique anatomy and the orthopedic damage that has been sustained.

After visual scans and models have been performed, the virtual model is loaded into the Mako system software. This anatomical information will be used by the OrthoAspen physician performing your operation to personalize your pre-surgical plan to effectively meet your specific needs.

Mako Machines and the Operation Process

During the surgery, the expertise of your knee specialist surgeon will be combined with the precision of Mako robotics.

The surgical operation will be based on the personalized pre-surgical plan that was made. Your surgeon will guide and direct all of the actions made using the Mako robotic arm. The Mako systems plan will provide an extra layer of protection and reliability by ensuring that the surgeon stays within the established boundaries of the modeled plan. This results in heightened accuracy, better surgical results, and less damage to the tissue surrounding the affected area.

During your operation, alterations may need to be made. If your surgeon determines a change to the surgical plan is necessary, she or he can immediately adjust the plan to better address your needs.

Post-Surgical Recovery

Following surgery, your OrthoAspen surgeon will work with our expert nurses and physical therapists to oversee a comprehensive recovery plan. Patients who undergo surgeries utilizing Mako machines tend to have faster and more successful recoveries, due to the reduced damage to surrounding tissue, bone and muscle.

OrthoAspen is dedicated to providing the best orthopedic care available to our Rocky Mountain patients so that they can successfully return to their active lifestyles. To learn more about our Mako machines and treatment methods or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.


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