Partial Joint Replacement: An Effective Treatment for Knee Pain

Partial Joint Replacement: An Effective Treatment for Knee Pain

OrthoAspen Offers Partial Joint Replacements That Are Minimally Invasive

At OrthoAspen, we emphasize the importance of conservative treatments and integrative solutions to orthopedic issues. For patients with serious joint conditions, we implement non-operative treatments whenever possible, including physical therapy, strength training, lifestyle modifications, medications and assistive devices.

For some patients, however, joint degeneration is too extensive or advanced to be repaired without surgical intervention. In these cases, total or partial joint replacement may be recommended by your physician.

Partial joint replacement is widely administered in the orthopedics field. OrthoAspen’s surgeons are proud to offer the most effective, reliable partial joint replacement for joint patients in the Aspen area.

Benefits of Partial Joint Replacement

Joint replacement becomes necessary when joint erosion (typically caused by arthritis, similar degenerative conditions, or significant damage from a traumatic injury) compromises the functioning of the joint, resulting in symptoms of chronic pain, inflammation and immobility.

The surgical process involves the removal of damaged bone, cartilage and connective tissue; these removed structures are then replaced with prosthetic components. In partial joint replacement procedures, removal is limited to the isolated areas of bone and cartilage damage.

Partial knee joint replacement is the most commonly performed partial joint replacement surgical operation, but partial shoulder joint replacement, partial hip joint replacement, and partial elbow joint replacement operations may all likewise yield excellent results for affected orthopedic patients.

Benefits of partial joint replacement include the following:

  • Joints that are only partially resurfaced retain the healthy sections of bone, cartilage and connective tissue. This allows the joint to maintain more natural anatomy and function than fully artificial joint components.Partial-Joint-Replacement
  • Smaller incisions are used to perform partial joint replacement operations, significantly reducing the invasiveness of the procedure.
  • Partial joint replacements involve significantly reduced blood loss as compared with total joint replacement operations.
  • Patients who undergo partial joint replacement surgery experience faster recoveries. In-patient hospital stays following surgery are usually limited to one to three days, with many patients returning home the same day as the surgical operation. Likewise, partial replacement patients have accelerated overall recoveries and can usually return to normal activity within six weeks or less.
  • Patients who choose partial joint replacements experience less pain following surgery, due to the reduced intensity of the procedure, the minimized removal of joint components, and the smaller surgical incision.
  • Partial joint replacements often feel more natural for patients than total replacements due to the retainment of healthy bone, cartilage and ligaments.
  • Joints that have been partially replaced tend to bend more easily and have a wider range of motion as compared to those that have undergone full prosthetic replacement.

Comprehensive Care for Partial Joint Replacement Patients

At OrthoAspen, our treatment plans are integrative and comprehensive. That means that diverse treatment methods and approaches will be used at each stage of the treatment and recovery process. For patients who have undergone partial joint replacement procedures, we incorporate physical therapy and strength training into the post-operation recovery plan and advise lifestyle alterations and ongoing physical therapy regimes to ensure the long-term success of your new joint.

To learn more about partial joint replacement at OrthoAspen or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.


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