Physical Therapy: Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy: Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation

Physical therapy is a key component of treatment plans at OrthoAspen.

At OrthoAspen, we understand the value of physical therapy. We also understand the frustration of limited physical mobility, and we are dedicated to helping our patients make comprehensive recoveries as quickly as possible so they can get back to the activities they love.

The benefit of effective physical therapy is the targeted activity and exercise of particular orthopedic areas. A skilled physical therapist is a key member of a comprehensive, integrated orthopedic team.

That’s why OrthoAspen ensures that Aspen Valley Hospital certified physical therapists are present during patient office visits to assist our doctors and staff. Unique to OrthoAspen, this special service reflects our comprehensive approach to orthopedic health. We believe that physical therapy isn’t only needed as a post-injury or post-treatment remedial measure; we emphasize the utilization of physical therapy at every stage, including orthopedic health promotion, injury/condition prevention, treatment, habilitation and rehabilitation.

Promotion and Prevention

Physical therapy has the ability to promote the full physical, physiological, emotional and social well-being of patients. Furthermore, carefully prescribed therapy regimes can effectively prevent the onset of numerous orthopedic conditions.

A great number of such conditions, such as arthritis, involve the degradation of bone, cartilage, and tissues (including connective ligaments and tendons). Physical therapy exercises can promote bone and muscle strength; this improves joint health and may help to prevent or mitigate the onset of chronic orthopedic conditions. Likewise, stronger bones, muscles, and ligaments are more resilient in the case of traumatic injury.


Some serious orthopedic conditions require surgery in order to heal fully and properly. However, in many cases surgery is unnecessary, as non-operative treatment methods can effectively address issues and relieve symptoms.

Physical therapy is just one of the key non-operative methods utilized in treatment plans at OrthoAspen. Physical therapy exercises may be prescribed as your primary treatment, or may be prescribed alongside lifestyle alterations (such as activity changes, weight loss, etc.), medications, the use of assistive devices or other treatment methods.

Habilitation and Rehabilitation

If surgery or other intensive treatments are needed in the case of your injury or chronic orthopedic condition, physical therapy will almost always be a component of your habilitation, rehabilitation and comprehensive recovery plan. Following intensive treatments, our team of doctors and specialists will work to compose an individualized recovery plan for your specific needs, including exercises and physical activities that target and strengthen injured or affected areas. Effective physical therapy will enable you to reclaim your active lifestyle as quickly as possible, and long-term therapy will enable you to keep it.

Closely monitored therapy regimens will typically last from six weeks to several months following a surgery, as function and activity are gradually restored. Following the immediate recovery stage, OrthoAspen doctors and therapists will work personally with you to form a long-term therapy plan to promote orthopedic health and prevent future injuries or issues.

Promoting Prevention, Prioritizing Physical Therapy

While OrthoAspen is proud to offer the best available physical therapy for each stage of orthopedic health care (promotion, prevention, treatment, habilitation and rehabilitation), it is always preferable to prevent physiological issues and eliminate the need for treatment altogether.

That’s why we offer patient education and host lecture series to raise community and public awareness about orthopedic health and preventative measures. Our dedication to encouraging healthy lifestyles (including integrated physical therapy) is at the heart of our identity as an orthopedic practice.

To learn more about physical therapy and other aspects of orthopedic care at OrthoAspen, contact us today.


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