Total Knee Replacement Mako Technology at OrthoAspen

Total Knee Replacement Mako Technology at OrthoAspen

OrthoAspen’s knee patients benefit from advanced Mako technology.

At OrthoAspen, we are dedicated to offering patients comprehensive care for chronic orthopedic conditions. That means we prioritize a robust use of both conservative physical therapies and the most advanced surgical technology within our treatment regimes.

 Total Knee Replacement MakoFor patients who have experienced erosion of the knee joint as a consequence of arthritis, conservative treatment options alone are often insufficient. If your osteoarthritis is in an advanced stage and has compromised your knee joint to a serious degree, total knee replacement Mako surgery may offer the best chance of long-term symptom relief and the return to an active, healthy lifestyle.

The use of Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery for total knee replacement procedures has enabled the knee specialists of OrthoAspen to offer patients innovative care with increased reliability and dramatically improved results compared with conventional knee replacement surgery.

Learn more below about how the use of total knee replacement Mako surgical technology has transformed care at OrthoAspen.

What Total Knee Replacement Mako Technology Means for OrthoAspen Knee Patients

By 2030, it is estimated that the number of total knee replacement surgeries being performed will rise by 673%. With that in mind, OrthoAspen is dedicated to investing in the technology, equipment and methods that will best provide this service to knee patients in the Aspen and Roaring Fork Valley communities today and into the future.

OrthoAspen understands that a knee compromised by osteoarthritis damages much more than the knee joint itself; it compromises the ability to perform routine and athletic activities and enjoy the myriad benefits of Aspen’s culture of outdoor recreation, healthy living and adventure.

Knee replacement procedures are among the most highly rated surgical operations in terms of patient satisfaction. Following standard conventional knee replacement, the vast majority of patients experience a major reduction in knee pain, improvement in mobility, and a restored ability to participate in normal activity.

Mako total knee replacement technology radically enhances the knee replacement surgical process; as such, it improves the already excellent results of this operation.

What does Mako technology offer Aspen patients? Consider the following:

  • Mako systems enable 3D anatomical modeling to create unique, personalized surgical plans.
  • The use of advanced robotics technology ensures a more predictive surgical experience with a higher level of accuracy.
  • The Mako system makes use of the Triathlon Knee System, which is recognized for reliability and superior function.
  • Since 2007, 83,000 surgeries have utilized Mako robotics with exceptional results.

The end product of these advanced methods is a surgical process that is enhanced in terms of reliability and ultimate recovery, which gets our patients back on their feet faster.

Because OrthoAspen emphasizes comprehensive care, Mako robotics are just one component of the care you will receive. Following surgery, your total knee replacement recovery will include lifestyle modifications, diet and weight monitoring, physical therapy, and numerous other non-operative treatments and recovery tools.

At OrthoAspen, we understand that your goal is to live life to the fullest; and we likewise understand that a degraded knee can prevent you from achieving that goal. To learn more about Mako total knee replacement surgery at OrthoAspen, contact us today.


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