Western Slope Knee Replacements with Advanced Mako Technology

Western Slope Knee Replacements with Advanced Mako Technology

Mako Robotics at OrthoAspen Is Revolutionizing the Knee Replacement Procedure

Robotic-arm assisted surgery has radically improved the technical precision, procedural success and reliability of Western Slope knee replacement operations.

By making visual scans and virtual models of your unique anatomy, Mako robotics personalizes the surgical procedure to accommodate your physiology and the particular orthopedic damage that is affecting your knee joint. Guided by a surgeon, the Mako system then ensures that each surgical step is precise by following a specially designed surgical plan, based off of these models.

What Does Mako Surgical Technology Mean for Western Slope Patients?

Numerous conditions can lead to a patient requiring total knee replacement. These may include degenerative conditions, such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, or the post-traumatic joint damage of a serious knee injury. Such conditions cause erosion of the cartilage and tissue that supports and cushions the knee joint and result in chronic pain, inflammation and reduced mobility.

Total knee replacement restores the symptom-free functioning of the knee joint by removing damaged bone, tissue and cartilage and replacing it with prosthetic components. Mako robotic-arm technology assists with each stage and greatly improves the surgical process.

But what exactly does Mako technology mean for patients?

  • Increased Precision
    Mako systems are pre-programmed with custom surgical plans. During the operation, this software plan ensures that the surgeon stays within the predefined surgical area as she or he guides the robotic-arm through the procedure. This means a significant increase in surgical precision.Western-Slope-Knee-Replacements
  • Personalized, Customized Procedure
    Based on CT scans of your knee, the Mako system creates virtual models which are used to determine the best surgical process and approach. That means that each surgical plan is custom-designed to meet the specific needs and conditions of the particular patient.
  • Less Surgical Damage
    Laboratory studies have demonstrated that the increased precision of Mako robotic-arm technology results in less damage to healthy tissue during the knee replacement procedure. This means that the operation is less painful and damaging and the knee replacement recovery is faster.
  • The Reassurance of a Board-Certified Surgeon
    Mako robotics do not independently perform operations. For each surgical procedure, a Western Slope knee specialist surgeon will use the Mako system to assist in performing the surgery. The surgeon can also adjust the surgical plan at any time during the operation.

Western Slope Knee Replacement at OrthoAspen

Until recently, patients of Western Slope knee replacements did not have access to this innovative technology. OrthoAspen is changing that by revolutionizing orthopedic care in the Aspen area.

As the leading Western Slope orthopedic group, OrthoAspen is committed to providing top orthopedic care without leaving the Aspen area. Most patients formerly endured long commutes to distant metropolitan areas for advanced orthopedic treatments, such as knee replacement surgery. This is problematic for two key reasons:

  1. Long commutes inhibit the ability of patients to undergo adequate pre-surgical examinations and testing, post-surgical follow-up meetings (and monitored recovery), and complicated in-patient care.
  2. Major metropolitan hospitals tend to lack the integrative, comprehensive, patient-centric care that residents and visitors of the Aspen area value.

By investing in Mako systems technology at OrthoAspen, we are ensuring that Western Slope patients not only have access to excellent care; they have access to advanced, leading-edge surgical treatments and methods that rival those of urban hospitals.

To learn more about Western Slope knee replacement surgery at OrthoAspen or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.


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