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The talus is a small bone at the ankle joint that connects the heel bone and the shin bones. It’s the essential piece needed to enable the up and down movement of the foot. Talus fractures most commonly occur as a result of a fall or other type of trauma. Those who participate in snowboarding, skiing and other winter sports have a higher incidence of talus fractures.

At OrthoAspen, we understand how much our active patients rely upon good motion health. Our commitment is to find a treatment method to return you to your active lifestyle as effectively and safely as possible.

talus fractures

Causes & Symptoms

Fractures in the talus bone may occur due to a fall from great heights, motor vehicle accidents or sports injuries.

Symptoms of talus fractures include:

  • Ankle pain (ranging from moderate to severe)
  • Inability to walk
  • Difficulty bearing weight on the foot
  • Swelling, bruising and tenderness

To properly diagnose a talus fracture, your OrthoAspen physician will go over your medical history, perform a thorough physical examination and order an X-ray or CT scan. Imaging helps to diagnose the exact location and severity of the fracture.


Whenever possible, OrthoAspen foot and ankle specialists attempt to treat talus fractures with conservative treatment methods.

If the bone has not moved out of alignment, your doctor will place the ankle in a cast for six to eight weeks. Exercises are recommended to help strengthen the foot and ankle and restore range of motion once the cast is removed.

In the event that conservative treatment doesn’t produce the desired results, surgical treatment may be recommended.

If the fractured bones have shifted out of position, your OrthoAspen surgeon will suggest surgery to realign the fractured bones and stabilize the talus with metal plates and/or screws.

After surgery, you may have to wear a cast for six to eight weeks until healing is complete. When initial healing has taken place, physical therapy exercises are implemented to restore movement.

At OrthoAspen, we’re dedicated to ensuring as full and safe recovery.

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