Regenerative Medicine

OrthoAspen’s philosophy as a practice stresses the importance of integrative care that utilizes conservative, non-surgical solutions whenever possible. Regenerative medicine is a key component of this signature approach to orthopedic care. For patients with conditions like tendonitis, bursitis and ligament injuries, regenerative medicine is an effective means of repairing tissue damage and restoring healthy, pain-free function.

What exactly is meant by regenerative medicine? A non-invasive school of orthopedic treatment, regenerative medicine deals with replacing, engineering and regenerating the body’s tissues and cells. Regenerative treatments harness the body’s own natural healing capacity, stimulating the physiological repair mechanisms that produce regrowth and restoration of healthy tissue.

A key regenerative service offered by OrthoAspen is platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment. By increasing the concentration of platelets and associated growth factors within a patient’s blood, PRP therapies accelerate healing by enhancing cell migration, cell proliferation and matrix synthesis. For patients with damaged connective tissue structures (such as joints or ligaments), this regenerative service enables musculoskeletal restoration without the need for reconstructive surgery.

Whether you are dealing with chronic pain (knee, hip, shoulder, arm, back, leg, foot, etc.), musculoskeletal injuries, or joint inflammation and degeneration, regenerative treatments at OrthoAspen offer innovative solutions supported by clinical data.

OrthoAspen patients tend to place a high value on conservative care and natural solutions to orthopedic issues. We are proud to offer our patients an effective, non-surgical means to enhanced healing and pain relief, thanks to the robust role of regenerative medicine within our treatment framework.



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